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May 16, 2022

SPY2INSPIRE marked its fourth anniversary today May 16th 2022, We recognised the impact and inspirational attributes  of Mrs Helen Beyioku Imuaphe by making her an honorary global patron of the organisation. Helen is a well known international face not just for our organisation but around the world through her work as the founder of IARA and her many years of fundraising for orphans and under privileged through her foundation. Committed to her goals of justice and fair treatment for all by using her voice for women who are in needs.

Helen has dedicated the vast majority of her life to others by creating the most inclusive international platform (IARA) dedicated to the creative & entertainment industry in support of their work in the industry. Her passion for others to succeed is what drives Helen in creating opportunities for creative minds who are passionate and willing to gain experience in stage management and event management through IARA masterclass and apprenticeship program .

As one of the most inspirational women, a thought leader, a motivational speaker, mentor and a tireless fundraiser for women, young people & the under privileged , Helen’s primary goal is to see all women succeed ,live an impactful and purposeful life. She believes that every woman has a role to play as an inspiration in their homes , communities & the world stage . This has led her to align and support women in helping them discover their potentials and transforming their lives.

ISPY2INSPIRE is thrilled to have Helen as our honorary global patron to represent the work we do through our organisation ,in support of our initiatives  & projects which includes ISPY2INSPIRE IMPACT, THE VELLE PROJECT-Women’s Mental Health & Wellbeing, PROJECTBYOU- Mentorship Programme AND ISPY2INSPIRE CHANGE. From everyone here at ISPY2INSPIRE, we would like to congratulate Helen and thank her for accepting to represent our organization and also her years of service to others.

We raise a glass with loud cheers and CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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